About me

What do I do (See my skills), what am I, what do I like


I am professional, friendly, fair, hardworker, tryharder, selfdidact
I am able to find solutions to the daily problems by myself
I never give up, I try every possible way to reach the solution


I am currently studying at EPITECH a school where are formed futur informaticians


  • I practiced French boxe during one year before starting EPITECH
  • I practiced swimming and swimming competitions for 10 years since 2000
  • Sometimes I do body-building


I love reading, I spend lots of time reading books, those are my favorites one and currently reading :

  • Bernard WERBER : Third Humanity (currently reading), On Fit Universe, The Ants
  • Dan BROWN : Da Vinci Code, Digital Fortress, Angels and Demons
  • Mickael GRANT : GONE

Movies & Cinema

I love watching movies, it's very peaceful for me to be leaded inside the story of a good movie. Those are my favorites realisators :

  • Quentin TARANTINO : Django Unchained, Inglorious Basterds, The Hateful Eight
  • Ridley SCOTT : The Martian, Gladiator, Kingdom of Heaven
  • Steven SPIELBERG : Minority Report, The Big Fat Giant